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Bryton Rider50


Bryton Rider 50

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Press Release: 2010-11-11

The Rider 50 has innovative design functions to help develop personalized training programs for both the road cyclist and the off road cyclist and with an IPX7 rating , withstands all the elements encountered during an Australian training ride in both winter with rain and cold and summer with dust and heat.

The Rider 50 comes in two models , the Rider 50T and the Rider 50E. The Rider 50 T includes a Heart Rate Monitor , Cadence Sensor , ANT + and fully detailed Australian Street Mapping showing the rider’s location at all times. Using the web site, training rides are planned in advance and the track of the roads and streets uploaded on to your Rider 50. Navigation is then simple -follow your pre planned route on the screen and let your mind stay focused on the road. Routes, tracks and performance data can be shared with fellow Rider 50 users using the inbuilt Knock Knock wireless feature of the units. New routes and rides can be added to both your own data base and then shared with the user community which in turn builds up the entire national data base of great rides. Extra data and mapping can be stored on a Micro SD card if required.

With a 2.2” transflective TFT display and 176 x 220 resolution , you will see the sharpest images on the screen in bright sunlight. The Rider 50 comes inclusive of a digital compass providing accurate direction while at rest , a built in barometer to aide altitude readings and with a 12 hour rechargeable lithium- ion battery , nothing is left to chance when you head off on the road. “ The Rider 50 is a fantastic new GPS Computer for the cycling market and Next Destination is delighted to represent Bryton Sports in Australia , a company who are making a big impact on the Sports GPS market and where few companies have ventured ” said Doug Lloyd, Managing Director of Next Destination. “The Rider 50 T and Rider E are the first of many new products to be released this year by Bryton Sports for both for the bike market and for the wider sports community. Next Destination has been working in the GPS market for 22 years and is very excited at what will be on offer in the near future. The Rider 50 T will appeal to the rider who wishes to measure performance on a regular basis and the Rider 50E to the weekend rider who only needs to see the route or track and monitor distance , top speed , average speed etc.


Bryton Rider50

Monitor: 2,2 inch   Bluetooth:
Traffic Info: Memory: 2 GB Flash
Maps: Slot:
Size: Since: 11-2010

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