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NAVIGON 70 Premium Live


NAVIGON 70 Premium Live - innovative

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Press Release: 2010-09-02

Hamburg and Munich, IFA PreViews 2010 – The NAVIGON 70 Premium Live is a prime example of NAVIGON's innovative strength. The device has a wide range of smart features and a dazzling, well-thought-out selection of hardware. In addition, it adds dynamic information to the onboard technology that is currently available, allowing for navigation that is both flexible and reliable. On purchasing the device, every customer receives NAVIGON Live Services, including two new services. The Live module for receiving these services has been integrated into the model for the first time. “With more innovative hardware and a more extensive range of equipment, the NAVIGON 70 Premium Live is ideal for business travellers and demanding car drivers,” says Jörn Watzke, Vice President of Product Line Management at NAVIGON.

Everything live: “Fuel” and “Events”
The new Live Services once again turn the navigation device into an efficient route manager. “Fuel Live”1 provides an overview of all the petrol stations around the current location and along the route at a push of a button. In addition to giving details of the price per litre, a green “thumbs-up” symbol shows which petrol stations are cheaper on average. With “Events Live,”2 you can search for events in a particular city or area. After choosing from various categories (e.g. “Rock” or “Classical”), the navigation device displays a list of events taking place in the next few days. Users can also find out detailed information on the venue, time and ticket prices. The services can be accessed easily via the Live Services menu before or during the journey. Petrol stations are also shown on the map as POIs. In addition to the new services, customers can also use tried-and-tested services such as “Traffic Live” , which NAVIGON is continuing to develop further.

Highlight of long journeys
The five-inch display on all NAVIGON 70 Series models extends the usual map view, thus providing an even better overview. Active Lane Assistant also shows the driver when they need to signal their intention to change lanes in a dynamic live animation. Three other features also provide valuable services: “City View3D 2.0” supports anticipatory driving and displays buildings in a slightly transparent format so that the route can always be seen in advance, even in highly built-up areas. Thanks to Professional Voice Command 2.0, you can communicate with your navigation in colloquial language. Another highlight is the Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit 2.0, with which you can not only make telephone calls via your navigation device but also distinguish between business and personal calls. The device also has a very fast 520MHz processor with an ARM11 core.

The NAVIGON 70 Premium Live includes the extended EU 43 map material, which now includes Iceland, Moldova and Ukraine. The model will be available in Q3 of this year.

1 The service is available in ten European countries.

2 Events Live is available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK.

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NAVIGON 70 Premium Live

Monitor: 5 inch   Bluetooth:
Traffic Info: Memory: 4 GB Flash | 128 MB RAM
Maps: Slot:
Size: 137,4 x x 16,2 mm, 203 g Since: -

All Specifications: NAVIGON 70 Premium Live

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